Neapco Europe

Neapco Europe – Light vehicle products

Sideshafts/Halfshafts, Differentials, Aluminum Die Castings

Neapco Europe manufactures driveshafts, differentials, transmission housing and aluminum die castings for the global automotive market. We have a long tradition of engineering, manufacturing and distributing innovative driveline technology and have developed a customer base that includes all the major European Tier One automotive companies.

Our factors for success include:

  • Dedication
  • Focus
  • Speed
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

in all interactions with our customers, employees and owners. Our relations with society and the environment, meanwhile, are marked by responsibility and dedication.

We offer state-of-the-art design facilities, the latest assembly technology and testing and have garnered manufacturing awards in leading European manufacturing competitions.

Neapco Europe includes two manufacturing installations. The Dueren, Germany plant was founded as a Ford axle plant in 1967; production started in 1968. Most Ford passenger cars in Europe were fitted with high quality axles from Dueren, switching to driveshaft production with the evolution to front wheel drive cars. Differentials also became part of the Dueren portfolio, which is highly active towards all European OEMs today.

The Praszka, Poland plant opened in 1957 as a metal works facility, adding the production of air brake systems under WABCO licensing in 1975. Throughout the 1990’s the company was restructured and was the first privatized automotive business in Poland in 1998. Today Praszka provides a portfolio of driveshafts and aluminum die castings for the global automotive market with 12.5 million halfshafts produced through 2010.