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Environmental Stewardship, Driven by Innovation

At Neapco, we recognize the connection between environmental stewardship and innovation. With the emergence of new eco-friendly technology and the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, we have the opportunity to lead our industry toward a safer, more sustainable future.

We are fully committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, fulfilling our environmental compliance obligations, being a good corporate citizen and continually improving our Environmental Management System.


Innovation has always been a part of Neapco’s DNA. True to form, we are staying ahead of the curve by laying the groundwork for the next generation of low-carbon technology.”

Kenneth L. Hopkins, President and Chief Executive Officer




As we invest in building cutting-edge low-carbon products, we are continually assessing how we can diminish the impact of our processes and facilities on the planet. We’ve created global teams across the organization to focus on several key sustainability topics.

Committed to monitoring and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our operations, our inventory aligns with universally accepted methodology — ensuring that our figures are as accurate as possible.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Neapco tracks energy consumption as part of our greenhouse gas inventory. We continue to monitor energy consumption from all relevant sources to identify opportunities for improvement.

Energy Management

Throughout the year, we gather data on our waste procedures to continually improve the operations within the supply chain. The systems we implement always aim to improve our quality and output.

Waste Management & Circular Economy

Throughout the year, we gather data on our waste procedures to continually improve the operations within the supply chain. The systems we implement always aim to improve our quality and output.

Water & Wastewater Management

GHG Emission

GHG Emission: Neapco realized an absolute 34.5% Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions reduction from the 2021 baseline.

Energy Consumption

Neapco reduced its energy consumption by 24%.


Neapco facilities recycled 86% of its total waste in 2022.


Over the past 100 years, Neapco has embraced change and fostered a culture where all team members feel safe and respected, and have a sense of belonging.

The health and safety of our worldwide team is our top priority. We strive to maintain conditions exceeding local safety standards and improve policies and procedures to prevent work-related injuries.

Team Member Health & Safety

Our Global Belonging Council captures the voices and experiences of our global team members to build a more diverse, inclusive workplace community where safety and belonging are prioritized.

Diversity & Belonging

We aim to elevate team member engagement through Global Belonging Council initiatives — including events, rewards, and career development opportunities — and the implementation of a global engagement strategy.

Team Member Engagement & Retention

A variety of training sessions are scheduled annually and are available to all Neapco team members globally — ensuring that safety and productivity are always a focus.

Training, Education & Development


Risk Management & Innovation

Under the leadership of the COO, we routinely conduct industry and gap analyses to identify and mitigate risks for Neapco and our customers — strengthening our short-term and long-term initiatives. We also work to cultivate an environment of creativity and innovation that keeps our processes and products ahead of the curve.

Corporate Governance & Oversight

Because Neapco is privately owned by a single owner, we do not have a Board of Directors. Instead, the Executive Team fills many of the same roles and responsibilities, especially those focusing on strategic oversight of the company as a whole.

Supplier Engagement

We hold our partners to the highest level of integrity and prohibit the use of forced labor and human trafficking in all operations and supply chains. As we strengthen our ability to assess our impacts internally, we also look for ways to help our suppliers.


“Don’t be afraid to be the different face, voice, or perspective than what is the status quo. Bring your talents, perspectives, and voice to the automotive space to continue to challenge and advance your colleagues and yourself. Your voice matters and can and will make a difference.”

Amber Stettnichs

Senior Product Development Engineer

I love that Neapco is a growing company with a global team—one that has made me feel a part of it since the beginning.

Eduardo Fernandez

Corporate Supplier Development Engineer

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