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PROJECT TITLE: “Development of an innovative drive halfshaft dedicated to electric cars, together with production technology” within the framework of subdivision 1.1.1 Industrial research and development activities carried out by enterprises under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme 2014 – 2020.

Contract number: POIR.01.01.01-00-1236/19

Total value of the project: 8 045 500.00 PLN

European Funds contribution: PLN 4 074 137.50

The goal of the project is to develop an innovative halfshaft dedicated to electric cars. The new product in the applicant’s portfolio requires work on its production technology, which will also be a part of this undertaking.

Planned outcome:

The result of the project will be the implementation of a new type of axle shaft dedicated to electric vehicles to the offer of Neapco Europe Sp. z o.o. This axle will be characterized by the following competitive advantages, distinguishing the product on the market:

  • Increase in corrosion resistance as determined by GS 90011:2010-05 up to 10 weeks
  • Use of a new type of joint grease to reduce vibrations, reducing the coefficient of friction and thus the level of starting and rolling resistance and extending its service life, while at the same time reducing the amount of this grease by 10%
  • Application of a new solution consisting in the integration of dust protection, grease reservoir and axle shaft separation protection in a single component, i.e. an integrated shield
  • New types of materials which, combined with optimization, will allow a reduction of weight by at least 10% compared with the current solutions.

BENEFICIARY: Neapco Europe sp. z o.o., registered office in Praszka, address: 46-320 Praszka, ul. Kaliska 72



Project name: “Carrying out the research project: halfshaft with a decreased weight and increased performance for use in modern passenger cars with the increased torque of the drive unit together with additional equipment for the R&D Department in Praszka”

Funding Agreement No. : RPOP.01.01.00-16-0006/18-00

Purpose of the project: The main purpose of the undertaking is to improve the competitiveness of
the company, NEAPCO EUROPE Sp. z o.o., by developing a halfshaft which will be innovative on a global scale for light/passenger vehicles with diesel engines or electric drive characterized by parameters better than is currently achieved by competitive companies, assuming the same or lower level of product curb weight. This way, the purpose of the project is to create extensive market possibilities, thus a maximum use of the R&D Department potential, as well as to develop the product adjusted to market requirements and needs.

Expected effects: The project will strengthen the company’s market position. Supporting the proposed research activities will result in another level of market expansion. The increased research and development activity will grow employment in the R&D Department, as well as recognition as an innovative leader for halfshafts globally. Additionally, the R&D project will contribute to more intensive research activities of the company, gaining new scientific experience, and will lead to further research projects which will be based on the results of the subject matter project. As a result of completing the subject matter project, research results will be made public and will be presented during scientific conferences or published in specialist and scientific magazines. As a consequence, expenditures on research and development activities will increase.

The total value of the project: PLN 4,324,586.50

Financing from the EU: PLN 1,327,604.00


PROJECT TITLE: “The construction of and equipment for the hall of the R&D Department at Neapco Europe in Praszka”, which is a part of Measure 2.1 Support for investments in R&D infrastructure of enterprises within the frameworks of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020

Contract number: POIR.02.01.00-00-0090/20-00

Project value: PLN 5,794,653.00

Sources from the European Funds: PLN 1,648,885.00

The purpose of the project is to obtain the capacity to carry our research processes by NEAPCO EUROPE Sp. z o.o. by establishing a technically advanced Research & Development Center with a footprint of approximately 12,000 square feet, which will allow us to carry out industrial research and development works in the field of subcomponents for the automotive industry.

Foreseen effects:

As a result of the project implementation, Neapco will develop product and process solutions that are innovative on a national and global scale, and which significantly strengthen the competitiveness of the company on the international stage.

Thanks to the project, it will be possible to efficiently solve technological and analytical problems in the automotive industry.

BENEFICIARY: Neapco Europe Sp. z o.o., address: Kaliska street 72, 46-320 Praszka, Poland


Project Title: Launching a new product on the market to minimize the negative effects of Brexit.

Purpose of the project: The main objective of the project is to minimize the losses incurred by the applicant in connection with Brexit, as a result of introducing a new type of half-shafts for the automotive industry with features not previously offered.

The result of the project will be obtaining revenues in trade with the United Kingdom and other export markets, which will contribute not only to minimizing losses due to the UK leaving the EU, but also to increasing the company’s competitiveness in the market.

The total value of the project: 577 270,00 €

Project financing from the EU: 200 000,00 €