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Complete Differential Assemblies for the OEM Automotive Industry and Other Light Vehicle Applications

Neapco is a leading global provider and large-volume supplier of complete differential assemblies for automotive and other light vehicle applications. With 40 years of experience in the production of differential components, our teams have unparalleled expertise in the technical intricacies of light-vehicle differentials.

Neapco uses lean machining and assembly processes to produce high-value differential assemblies and components. Continually optimized to increase efficiency and throughput, our state-of-the-art assembly lines can produce two million differentials per year in all common varieties, including chamber and ball designs.

Our design and manufacturing processes emphasize integration capability and standardization to provide the greatest possible customer choice and value. Integration capability is enhanced through flexibility in interface dimensions such as:

  • Distance between bearings and their diameter
  • Flange position and diameter
  • Propshaft connections, e.g., splines, sealed differentials, flanges and polygons

Standard Two-Piece Design

Neapco’s standard two-piece differential has a split housing design with two side shafts and two pinion gears. This unique design enhances the performance of the differential by nearly 40%.

Standard Two-Piece Differential with Split Housing for Increased Performance

eDrive Designs

7.5-Inch Differential

  • Shock factor capability: up to 7500 Nm
  • Durability torque: 2300-3000 Nm

8-Inch Differential

  • Shock factor capability: Up to 10000 Nm
  • Durability torque: 4000 – 5000 Nm

9-Inch Differential

  • Shock factor capability: up to 12000 Nm
  • Durability torque: 5500 – 7000 Nm

7.5-Inch Differential, Capable Until 7500 Nm Shockfactors and 2300-3000 Nm Durability Torque

8-Inch Differential, Capable Until 10000 Nm Shockfactors and 4000 – 5000 Nm Durability Torque

9-Inch Differential, Capable Until 12000 Nm Shockfactors and 5500 - 7000 Nm Durability Torque